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Eyelash Extensions

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash Extensions extend the length and thickness of your natural eyelashes. Extensions are a convenient alternative to using mascara everyday. Lash extensions can be worn daily (you do not need to remove them at night). Each lash is bonded with one of your natural lashes, resulting in an effortless, beautiful look personalized to your own style.


  • 1 Choose your personal eyelash style
  • 2 Select your lash materia
  • 3 Application
  • 4 Book your fill appointment (maybe have arrows so user can click through numbers)
  • Will eye extensions harm my natural eyelashes?

    No. When lash extensions have been applied properly by a certified professional they will not harm natural lashes.

  • Can I still use mascara with my lash extensions?

    Mascara is not needed with lash extensions but you can use a water soluble mascara (this may shorten the life of your lash extensions). Water-proof masacara is not recommended as it will dissolve the lash adhesive.

  • Does it hurt afterwards?

    The area can be a little sore for the first few hours and tender to touch for a couple days.

Before Your Appointment

  • Come with no eye make up

  • Eat a small light snack since appointments can be 1-3 hours depending service

  • No caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks) this causes eyes to jitter

  • Contact lenses must be removed prior to your appointment

  • Come with no eye make up

  • Please Notify us if you have allergies or any eye sensitivity

Eyelash Extensions Service

Classic Lash Extensions (full set) $110
Refill on Classic Lashes 2 weeks $65
3 weeks $75
4 weeks $85
Russian volume lash extension (full set) $210
Refill 2 weeks $75
3 weeks $85
4 weeks $95
Lash lift $65
Lash lift w/ tint $80
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