As I was walking through my house the other morning, I nearly jumped out of my skin. It was only an over-reaction as what I thought was a little mouse was only just a tuft of hair from our Rough Collie... and then that tuft led to another... and another...

While the weather may not be warming up as quickly as we hoped it would, it is officially spring, and while our collies only really shed once a year, if you have any other breed, or a shedding cat you may not be so lucky... so that


Trying to understand the back of your pet's food bag can seem overwhelming! There are 4 very important areas you want to pay close attention to, and once you know how to decode the lingo, its super easy to compare brands and select the best food for your pooch! 

1. The Ingredient List

Here are a few points about the Ingredients List th


Winter is a time for hibernation for many animals... and sometimes humans. Winter poses just as many threats to your pet’s well being as summer with dangerous temperatures and hazards during walks. While you may feel like staying indoors all winter, you and your pet can still enjoy some fresh air with a few precautions:

  1. Keep Pets Inside

Even long coated or double coated breeds that


Many families brought home new pets over the holiday season. If you were one of those families and you’re having trouble acclimating the other pets in the house to your new pet, or if you’re thinking of adding a new pet to your house we’re here to help! Below is a great way to start:

Pets and New members

If you’re bringing home your family’s first pet here are some guidelines to help make the introdu


By: Amber Kingsley

Just last month in November, we recognized “National Pet Cancer Awareness Month” and shared some important information about signs and symptoms of one of the leading causes of death among humans and their companion animals. Now that we’re well into the season of giving, one might wonder why we should be more aware of our pet’s health, welfare and happiness d


Signs of Stress

Lip licking and yawning

Every time your pet licks its lips or yawns, doesn’t mean that its stressed. If they are sitting on the couch, or laying down for a nap they may obviously not be stressed but if they begin this behavior in a crowded room or when they’re being hugged/ petted or tugged on it may be a sign of stress.

Wide eyed and adverting gaze


November is Pet Cancer Awareness month! Did you know that after the age of 10, dogs have a 50% chance of developing cancer? Cats are less likely to develop cancers, and our other furry, feathered and scaled pets are also vulnerable to cancers. In light of this, we’ve compiled the 10 most common signs of cancer for all pets, and a few cautionary steps to help your pet have the best chance of not developing cancer in their lifetime.

10 Warning Signs for Pets

  1. Abnormal swelli


Halloween can be a funtastic time of the year! Some pets just love all the extra attention, and others would rather not bother with all the hustle and bustle that Halloween can bring. No matter which is your pet, here are some tips and tricks to help your pet handle Halloween

Safety first!

Make sure your pet has an up to date ID tag in case they bolt out the front door when trick-or-treat'ers are knocking, or in case tricksters


Fall is in full swing-which means that your pup is probably enjoying all that fall has to offer! Pumpkin treats, hikes and of course- mud puddles! We tend to bathe our dogs more often in the fall, which can be harsh on their coats... but we have to clean them, right? It’s a dilemma... but let us help you!

There are alternatives ways to keep your dog clean between baths, like dry (or ‘waterless') shampoo which can come in a spray, powder or foam formula. Th


More often than not, you hear the expressions “furbaby”, “furchild” or “pet mom/ dad” but just how popular are pets as family members?

         There are an estimated 7 million cats, and 6.4 million dogs in Canada alone, and almost 90% of pet owners consider their pets family members. That’s a lot! And it’s not just cats and dogs who are a part of the family either... apparently snake owners are more connected to their pet as a family memb


Nose Games

Hiding treats around the house, play ‘hide and seek’ with toys, or simply start by playing ‘Guess which hand’ with their favorite treats. Using their nose like this also encourages brain power which helps your pup become  smarter!


So, you want to start a fish tank... where do you begin? With so many options,

it can be hard to decide where to start... so lets start with the basics:

The Tank- To keep things simple, let's assume you want a fresh water tank. You can buy a starting kit that includes filters, heaters, a hood and lighting as well as an air pump, which generally works out more cost effective than buying separate pieces.  


Summer may be starting to wind down as thoughts of children going back to school in less than a month creep in- but we won't go down without a fight! There is still plenty of time to throw that ultimate backyard BBQ, or a rocking patio party... just don't forget about your furry friends at home!

Here is a simple list of human foods that are safe for your pet:

Safe for dogs:

  1.

Obesity is a very common issue in modern cats, and can lead to some dangerous conditions such as Diabetes,

joint pain/ arthritis, heart disease, respiratory problems or Cystitis .

Naturally, cats are carnivorous hunters that expected their food to put up a fight...which kept them active. However that is clearly not the case anymore with your average house cat- those days are behind the m



The weeks just keep getting hotter and hotter! We’ve compiled some important information to help make the most of summer- from common concerns to fun summe


Does your pet wake you in the middle of the night due to excessive scratching or licking of their fur? Do they have flaky dandruff, irritated areas or cracked skin? We are here to help!

     Like you, certain factors can affect your pet’s skin- like the environment, diet or even allergies. Most commonly, pets with thick, double coated or long hair are subject to dry, itchy skin- or Pruritus to be more clinical. There seems to be many causes of dry skin, but


As you may know, Ruffin's releases a calendar every November for the upcoming year. This year we asked you, our customers, to send us pictures of your pets via Facebook and email and we used them to create the calendar. The results were amazing and we have had very strong feedback so far. Check out the PDF version of the calendar below and head to your local Ruffin's to pick up your FREE copy. Thank you all for another amazing year


We are happy to announce that Meeka has won a year supply of cat food from Eukanuba! Her owner used our Facebook coupon to buy a bag of dry Eukanuba cat food and got a FREE cat tent. She then entered a picture of Meeka to win and ended up with the grand prize! Congrats Meeka!


Proctor and Gamble announced a recall yesterday that affects Eukanuba and Iams dog foods and Iams cat foods for possible Salmonella contamination. This recall involves a relatively small amount of food less than 0.1% of their total production. According to the company none of the affected food was shipped to Canada. On their press release the company states that the affected food was shipped to select retailers in the US. I would take that to mean larger retailers that direct buy from P&G